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Design And Implementation
- Define the configuration for the database implementation within the organization. This shall include proper sizing and the detail requirement on parameters, files location, etc.
- Verify the justification of the database requirement from vendors for their solution installing in the company.
- Document the design with the detail of system parameters and requirement, diagram, protection mechanism, and other related material.
- Implement the design in professional manner.
- Determine the best approach for system protection requirement such as load balancing, failover, remote site protection, etc.
- Determine and monitor the capacity and utilization of databases and corresponding hardware.
- Determine the upgrade path for over utilized databases and corresponding hardware.
- Ensure the database facilities operating and recovery within the agreed SLA.
- Determine the risks in database facilities.
- Find the resolution to rectify the risks

Operation Support
- Determine/define the mechanism for the monitoring of the performance & exceptions of the database facilities.
- Determine/define the mechanism on detecting any issues happening in the facilities in the campus.
- Rectify the issues immediately if happening.
- Perform any database cleansing ensuring the health working environment. Database Cleansing includes log archiving and purging, file management, etc.
- Ensure ZERO data lost by proper backup mechanism.
- Determine the effectiveness of the restoration for the database by the backup data.
- Perform user administrative activities on database level but not included user administration on application level.
- Define/design the operation reports required to summaries the status of the database facilities for management. This shall include the utilization vs capacity, rate of availability, issues, etc

Security Control
- Determine how to protect the database facilities.
- Implement the protection.
- Perform regular diagnostic for virus attack, intrusion, and spamming.

Documentation & Version Control
- Document the detail design of the database facilities as well as its historical changes becoming part of the IT Architecture Dossier.
- Prepare the documents keep the latest and historical information of the facilities becoming part of the inventory control of the department.
- Maintain the configuration document for each facility keeping the latest configuration parameter, historical changes on parameters in each device, and the method of changing the parameter becoming part of the Configuration Control and Version Control within the department.
- Prepare the operation guide for each facility.
1. At least 5 years in Database Administrator role on Oracle Database.
2. Expert knowledge of Oracle Database 11g or up is a must.
3. Microsoft SqlServer, and IBM DB2 administrative experience is an advantage.
4. Experience on database planning, sizing, tuning.
5. In-depth experience of databases running on Unix server, and parameter tuning and system configuration of Unix server for Oracle Database.
6. Experience with backups, restores and recovery models
7. Expert knowledge with security model to manage risks through patching or innovative techniques
8. Solid experience in supporting High Availability database environment: various operating system, clustering, HA, event debugging and issue resolution.
9. Experience on finance system and securities trading system is an advantage.
10. Good presentation, written and verbal communication skill.
11. Communication skills, communication confidence, team work, good customer relations;
12. Ability to work independently, under pressure and large.
- Highly competitive remuneration package: Attractive monthly salary, 13th month salary, KPIs bonus, Public holiday bonus,...
- Premium AON healthcare insurane and full labor insurance
- 12 days Annual leave + 2 days sick leave with full paid
- Luxury team-building trip and varied engagement activities
- Joining the leisure clubs: Football, E-Sport, Running, Gym, Yoga....
- Fully sponsored training to build your career
- 5-Day Workweek
- Professional, open minded and supportive working enviroment 
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