Business Intelligence Engineer

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  • Determine, design and implement the best fit management dashboard. Such dashboard shall be able for management to understand the view of business in all angles. Such dashboard shall be able to view from summary level but drillable to detail information.
  • Customize the BI dashboard to fit the latest needs of management.
  • The deliverables for BI operation shall be user friendly with data uniqueness, accuracy, and explainable.
  • Determine the answer for ad-hoc query from management.
  • Develop & implement analytical report according to the requests of management
  • Determine/understand/organize the interconnection of data for BI operation.
  • If needed, generate the datamart for the BI operation.
  • Regular review the integrity of data.
  • Regular review and update the changes in BI technology. Apply the latest technique good for the organization.
  • Regular review and improve the BI and analytical reports
  • Document the detail design of the BI & Analytical reports as well as its historical changes becoming part of the IT Dossier.
  • Prepare the documents keep the latest and historical information of BI & Analytical reports becoming part of the inventory control of the department.
  • Maintain the configuration document for BI & Analytical reports keeping the latest configuration parameter, historical changes, and the method of changing the parameter becoming part of the Configuration Control and Version Control within the department.
  • Prepare the operation guide for BI & Analytical reports
  • University degree or above in IT, Computer Mathematics or related subjects
  • Minimum 4 years BI or analytical report design and implementation experience, preferable on Finance industry.
  • Good design delivery on BI user interface.
  • Solid understanding of data technologies such as data warehousing, ETL, MDM, BI, and analytical tools
  • Solid experience of Microsoft PowerBI on Azure.
  • Proven experience using SQL syntax.
  • Must be familiar with standard database concepts, practices and procedures
  •  Must have strong analytical skills and strong listening and troubleshooting skills to diagnose and address problems.
  • Solid knowledge and experience on either Microsoft SqlServer, or Oracle.
  • Able to listen business requirement from end-users.
  • Ability to work independently, under pressure and large,
  • Reading technical documents in English good, basic communication
- Highly competitive remuneration package: Attractive monthly salary, 13th month salary, KPIs bonus, Public holiday bonus,...
- Premium AON healthcare insurane and full labor insurance
- 12 days Annual leave + 2 days sick leave with full paid
- Luxury team-building trip and varied engagement activities
- Joining the leisure clubs: Football, E-Sport, Running, Gym, Yoga....
- Fully sponsored training to build your career
- 5-Day Workweek
- Professional, open minded and supportive working enviroment 
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